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why seb stan is problematic


  • he hugged people at a con when he wasn’t supposed to
  • he forgot to wash his hair for comic con 2013
  • he said wiotch one time like that is a problem in and of itself
  • sometimes he doesnt button his shirts up all the way
  • v necks
  • also transparent shirts
  • skinny jeans like who do you think you are some kind of hip teen
  • does he dress in the dark or something what a dweeb
  • doesnt know how to dress for tennis
  • he lives in starbucks
  • binge watched friends
  • he went to prom THREE TIMES
  • seems to regret everything he says
  • always wasting perfectly good alcohol by pouring it on himself
  • cant answer interview questions without saying “um” or “you know”
  • his tongue is out of control
  • slammin thighs and bedroom eyes
  • feel free to add anything you can think of

"Make a baby tuxedo clothing line. A department store with a guest list. White fur earmuffs for men. A new brand of bottled water called H2Ho. Contact lenses that display text messages. Invent a phone that smells good. Own a nightclub called Eclipse that’s only open for one hour, two times a year. Cover charge? $5000."

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Imagine after Bucky joins the Avengers the guys are telling him about all the missions they’ve gone on and they’re casually mentioning all the times Steve’s almost killed himself and Bucky keeps glaring at him like,

"you jumped out of a plane? With no parachute?”

"you crashed your plane in the middle of the ocean?”

"you were going to fight a GOD?!"

and the rest of the avengers just have to sit there listening to Bucky shouting at Steve, for like an hour.


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Joan is remarkable in ways you cannot imagine.

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You know Sirius and James would be those guys who are super into zombie movies and laugh in public like it was not scary at all but then climb into each other’s bed at night because “bro, I think I heard something in the kitchen”

Dan Egan » Season 3 

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